My definition of Success

Let me ask you a question. Was Julius Caesar a successful person? Well, he did remark “Veni, vidi, vici”- “I came, I saw, I conquered” – a phrase that show his supreme self-confidence in himself, but does this make him successful?

In order to decide as to whether a person is truly successful or not, the first thing we need to do is arrive at a comprehensive definition of success. Success can be defined as the personal milestones that one passes by as one walks along the infinitely long treadmill that is life. Didn’t get it yet? Okay, now visualize. Think of life as a very long road – a road that is constantly pushing you backwards. In order to move forward in life one needs to walk at a constant speed. Along the road are various milestones in the shape of goals. These are the goals set by the person who’s walking. When the person reaches the goal, he/she can be said to be successful, by his/her own standards.

Now, stop for a moment. Think. Think of someone you know. Someone who, say, is not as well-off in life as you are. Would you consider that person to be a successful person? Now, on the whole, you may be more successful, but, right now, focus on individual events. Events where that other person succeeded, and you did not. Done? Now, the whole point of this exercise was to emphasize on one point: success is a personal measure. Earning billions a year may be trifle for Bill Gates, but it is definitely a big deal for you (Unless you’re Warren Buffet. If you are, what happened, Mr Buffet? I thought that you adhered to a strict work discipline. Stop reading this essay and get back to work).

Remember what I said about the treadmill of life? The thing about this treadmill (about how it was actually a road constantly pushing you back?) is that it’s actually like a real treadmill. Let’s take a hypothetical situation in which a person just stops walking. What happens then? All those people who have (don’t try this home) tried to stop moving on a moving treadmill without slowing down first know. First, you momentarily move back. Then, the pause. After that, comes the fall-forward-with-a-splat-and-break-teeth moment. If you’re very unlucky, you’ll die. Now, the point I’m trying to make here is, if you want to leave life as a successful person, you’ll have to stop at one “milestone” and not go any further. However, you can’t just “stop”. You’ll fall back and crash. What you really need to do is continue moving, only at a slower pace, so as to stay in the same position. For example, look at Steve Jobs. He forms Apple Inc., gets fired, forms Pixar, and gets hired back to Apple as CEO. After that, he started stealing ideas, but that just kept him at the pinnacle.

So there you are. Success. That famed creature that eludes the halls of those who desire it most. That powerful drug that makes people strive harder to achieve something. That intangible desire that always makes people want more. The reason I’m writing this essay (Success in examinations is mandatory in our country).


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