Entry? What the hell is wrong with this font. [EDIT: Apparently it’s just fine once published]

So I was considering the consequences of Universe-Building.

You know, fictional Universes. The Potter-verse. Middle Earth. Westeros and whatever’s around that place. Comic book multi-multiverses, or whatever level Grant Morrison has taken them to. Actually, let’s ignore the last example set. Geoff Johns and co may do their best to retcon everything and create a cohesive universe, but these are comic books we’re talking about. Even the movies have started showing continuity issues – although they are better at the whole Universe building shtick.

Let’s consider Harry Potter. To compensate for my relative lack of experience here, I’ll link this (as it isn’t meant for reproduction). I can’t ascertain the validity of these points. They appear to be fine. There are, however, issues throughout – I’d advise you to read the first comment and subsequent replies to that main thread to clear any doubts.

Now, to discuss the matter. I quote  the author (of said answer) when I say

HP is a very good series. But no it’s not a well built world. It’s highly centered around Harry’s saga. Rowling hasn’t gone into depth with the Wizarding World at all and that’s what led to so many loop holes. She’s trying to cover a lot with Pottermore, but there is a lot of stuff unanswered.

I’ll have to agree. The person he was responding to had championed the series above all “modern crap”. Allow me to quote again. It’s sort of hilarious.

Being a HP fan, please don’t belittle it this way unnecessarily seeing as these new-age crap like Game of Thrones etc. are already trying to do so by passing themselves off as better well-made epics. (And please do accept my apologies if I came off as an ass in any point I made above)

(I’ll leave the parenthesis in. The fellow deserves to be understood). Yeah, it’ll be “new age crap” not “modern crap”. But if you’ll excuse that (I am profoundly apologetic and throwing around random words to sound photosynthetically philosophical and stuff), let us consider the travesty of comparing the Harry Potter World to that of A Song of Ice and Fire (which words to capitalize?) which, for that matter, existed before Dumbledore dropped the baby (from the tree top. When the .. No? Okay). George R R Martin wrote the series taking special care to build the world properly as he went – apparently having taken issue with Tolkein’s lack of economic and political structure in his epics – so much so that even a casual reader with no such heartfelt desire for economical measures has a fair idea of the power share and debt situation of Westeros, 200 pages into the first book. I didn’t really need to cover all this, the Quora link probably did it already.

The reader may have made a very mildly interesting, yet altogether useless observation – the manner of writing they are currently perusing involves a copious number of characters jumbled together to form a barely coherent narrative that in turn, conveys a message that could have been delivered by the words “I’m writing bullshit around my content”. I believe that would qualify as recursion. Also, I’ve barely even touched world-building. The entire purpose of this was to do something I’m not even sure of.

Let’s try stringing together random words.

The fourth Duke of Canterbury however the hell that is supposed to be spelled oh I got it right yay so yes the Fourth duke of Canterbury of horse can eat food from open caskets of chocolate ice cream sandwich. Talking of which, ICS is old. We’ve gone past Jellybean, KitKat, Lollipop, currently Marshmallow, and soon whatever Namey McNameface will officially be named. It also appears that I don’t know how Marshmallow is spelled.

I’m wasting time. Shit.

My last entry was on the day before ICSE English hah.



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