Throwing shit at the Wall : Day 2

As it turns out, people do read their mails. Weird. What truly surprises me here is not their apparent dedication to obsessively checking mail, but their willingness to venture beyond the reasonably well curated Primary inbox provided by GMail into the mess of the “Social” tab that is typically full to the brim with a variety of notifications from various Social Networking sites, and fishing out the ones sent by WordPress. There are a few inferences that can be made from these facts, but I’m too lazy to figure them out right now.

A major issue I’m facing right now is the question of what I should write. My current style works well enough for now – commenting on completely random shit all the time – but it won’t last. I can only fling shit at the wall for so long. Ideally, this should work for simulating the freefall stages in examination essay composition, but it’s not quite that. After all, even there there’s a structure, a certain goal I’m working towards, points I’ll eventually have to hit in my slow ramble forward to make for a coherent argument – and this is hardly a proper representation of that form. Sure, I’m rambling, but every point seemingly brought up comes out of the blue, there is no predetermined  structure forcing a specific path or writing style. The words I use have nothing to do with the point – for that matter, there is no point to make. Or is there?

Okay, so this is going to be significantly shorter as I just removed three paragraphs of pointless rambling. I’m overusing the word ramble. Point being, writing stuff with no set goal is annoying, possibly pointless, and terrible to read. I, will, overuse, the, comma, take, that. Got that out of the way. Even yesterday’s narrative had a basic plot/narrative – me talking to a bunch of (as I thought) non-existent strangers about conjunctions and google search and whatnot. However, I learnt that these people did exist. Quite annoying , and a major reason I’d considered turning this into a private post. But hell, let it be.

I’m regretting that decision already, but I’ll have to commit to it for at least today.

So to solve that issue of mindless talk, I’ve decided that I’ll start writing on specific topics a few days earlier than planned. The initial plan was to do the flingshit thing for a few days for the whole freefall issue, but it does get boring after a while. Either that, or I’m just having a bad stretch today – but that isn’t important. The question we must all ask ourselves is: do I make those private? I mean, if I don’t, it will start showing up when you look for very specific ISC essay topics – my ICSE ones already do; and this is decidedly not a good thing. The essays are/will be very obviously practice tasks, and not some googlden(notatypo) standard for board examinations. If you want that, go to Sparknotes. Wait, does sparknotes provide essays?

Actually, scratch the going to sparknotes bit. Their clickbait on the side can get really annoying. It’s designed  to destract. Although to be fair that is their target. Wait, what was I talking about again? Ah right, specific essays. Another issue with them is that they aren’t really an expression of how I feel about the topic – they may be, sometimes, but for the most part it’s whatever argument can be dressed up and presented the best. That being said, my class 10 essays are a national embarrassment.

Maybe I’ll include a disclaimer before each essay. Yeah, that might work. I’ll have to decide on the contents of it later – hey, maybe I’ll do another flingshit day so I can spend half an hour just talking about that. Why not make it private, you ask? Well, people who see them usually have some comments to make – helps. There’s also the bit where I kind of like seeing the page stats provided by WP. Yeah I know, shameless sellout.

Eh, it’s too short. Never mind. Also, listen to this.


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