Throwing shit at the Wall: Day 3

Or, how I consistently manage to screw up the simplest deadlines.

I was supposed to start working on this 50 minutes back. Post lunch drop is a real thing. I’ll have to come up with some fancy latin term for “post lunch drop” – makes for a better excuse when people ask me why I can’t schedule properly. I’d use Google Translate, but there’s no way for me to tell how accurate that’ll be; I still remember the mess it made of English-Bengali and English-Hindi translations. Does anybody know latin well enough to help? Preferably within the next week. Until then, I’ll try translate anyway.

Quick tests using phrases I know first. Let’s start with something simple, like “die for my country”. Should return Pro patria mori, or at least so say Wilfred Owen and Horace (ISC yay).


Great. Dulce et Decorum also returns “Sweet and befitting”, so that’s good. In a totally unrelated issue, could someone tell me why this is the same.


The english book says it should work out. Maybe it’s a contextual thing? Gotta try that out, but I’ll do it at the end. On to the point!

“Post lunch performance drop” isn’t working out. I mean, it is, but the translation is far too long. I need something easy to say like post meridian, I’m not some latin scholar. Let’s try Post lunch lethargy. Hm. Check that I’m using lethargy correctly. Yes, google says so. Great, now translate.



It’s a bit of a mouthful, but short enough for a 2 second limit and pretentious enough to qualify for something pretentious, I forget the exact nature of what I’m talking about. Either way (where’s the choice here?), it’s a usable phrase that was hopefully a decent translation. Maybe I shouldn’t have compared it to Bengali/Hindi. Different regions, different priorities, and what not. Then again, if it is wrong, could some latin-literate reader help (I know they’re non existent in my case but let me talk hypothetically dammit)?

I was supposed to consider contents of my discalimer but I’m already 7 minutes past my deadline.

About that contextual phrase translation idea – let’s try it out.


Uh huh.

The Romans used Fatherland? Didn’t know that. Hold on.

Wikipedia says it’s a long series of events and things. Never mind.

Also, this.


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