Thowing Shit at the Wall: I should be doing actual stuff right now

WordPress changed its layout for writing stuff.

And, so it seems, the fonts. Which really sucks, I was just getting used to the older format.

Ignore the fonts now. Let’s talk layout. Gone is the distinct box in which one would write. It’s been replaced – the whole screen is now a blank canvas (are they taking the metaphor too far? Perhaps), and the formatting option occupies the single distinct portion of this blank page. It sort of stands out now. Looks like it’s floating mid-air. Interesting. Was this the intention of the page designers? I’m guessing it was; after all, WordPress isn’t some small niche thing on the Internet, any minor change shall affect the workflow of thousands – and stuff like this? It’s a completely different experience for everyone who writes semi-regularly. This redesign is sure to have been a major event in the internal running of the company, spanning several months at the least. I had something more to say but I’m forgetting what it is. Not a good sign.

Next up: the fonts. You know, when I started typing this out I thought that the font had changed. After a decently sized block of text, I no longer think so. It’s definitely the same font I used before. It’s possible that I thought so because I was looking at some of my older posts. The first one, especially: it was done on another editor and later copy-pasted onto the box, so it’s no surprise that the font type and size are all different. Long story short, the font type for the editor hasn’t changed. The headline’s may have, though – I can’t really check, never really spent long enough staring at my headings to differentiate in between them (I’m 98% sure there’s a grammatical error in that sentence). Point is, nobody cares.

When I was talking about the layout, I completely forgot about the rest of the page. Silly me. Anyway, as I was saying, the writing area is not the only new thing. The sidebar has shifted to the left.

Yes, folks. The all-important sidebar (no sarcasm intended) has moved from the left of the screen to the right, and honestly, this is the biggest and most noticeable change for obvious reasons. Opening the publisher to this change was quite a disorienting experience. I don’t know what else to say about this, so, MOVING ON.

The sidebar appears to have some features added. Nobody cares it’s late gotta go bye.


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