How do you start something.

You just do, I guess.

Even then, it’s hard to do something once started. Especially without any motivation to do it. Unless you get a decent flow going, maintenance of continuous action is no child’s play.

Actually, it is. Starting something and going somewhere with it for a moderate period of time is actually relatively easy.

The issue is with directing that flow into something productive. Anyone can stand on a street and spout on endlessly and aimlessly to no avail; the momentary entertainment provided to a passerby may even make it worth one’s time, but is that productive? Maybe it is, just monetize the system. However, for the greater number of cases, it isn’t. Or, it isn’t worth it. Or they won’t. Not too many people capable of turning such acts into an income stream are going to end up in such a situation in the first place. Those who do will probably migrate to a steadier economic base sooner or later.

That is to say, they do have direction. So what about those without any? You start, then start over, then do it again. Given the condition discussed, without changes, you’re most likely to fail every single time.

What then.



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