15 – 1

Focus is a particularly useful trait. Is it a trait? Maybe a property. It might be hard to classify, really. Let’s examine what it is.

Focus. A burst of concentration towards a goal. I can’t think of too many synonyms, considering how the word itself is used to describe other words and phrases. Zeroing in on something for a period of time. There we go. Sustaining interest and directing it at a point, for some given time. All of them seem to be appropriate definitions.

So, given the description, how do we describe focus? It’s not really a trait – it’s not genetic, or inherited. If anything, the trait would be the ability to focus. Focus itself, on the other hand? Completely different. We could think of it as an attribute in a video game. Increased XP/HP/Skills for a span of time.

So the issue with focus is is that it can be hard to harness. One may require a specific environment, or a favoured topic, or some form of incentive. As such, there’s no guarantee that fulfilling all of these conditions shall ensure that one will be able to focus. Even when focus is achieved, it can be lost. I don’t think that made sense. To me, let alone anybody else.



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